A Freebie and Little Creede News!

Happy Independence Day! Hope everyone’s July 4th weekend is packed with fun, family, and thanks for our continuing freedoms.

This weekend, CiCi celebrates with free stuff and some news. First, the Free: the ebook version of The Dance Hall Wife, Book 2 of the BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE Series, is free until midnight, July 4. Enjoy Frank and Cat’s story on us (Cheryl and Char!), with our thanks!

Need a link? We’ve got one! Or two. ::grin::

Direct Link to The Dance Hall Wife: https://tinyurl.com/k9nxz7xu

Direct Link to the BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE Series: https://tinyurl.com/27595bp4

Now for the Little Creede News:

The High-Society Wife, Book 5 of BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE, has a pre-order link and a release date! Much excitement abounds in the CiCi Cordelia camp, for sure.

Richard Blackwood and Evelyn Calhoun come from different worlds, but somehow it doesn’t matter all that much when love engages. With a release date of October 20, their story will be coming to our eager readers very soon!

After his grandfather passes away, Richard Blackwood travels East to collect his stubborn Granny Zinnia and bring the grieving widow back home. When a passionate encounter with a childhood acquaintance ends in a refused marriage proposal, Richard returns to Little Creede with a wounded heart.

EVELYN . . .
Educated and groomed to make an advantageous marriage, Evelyn Calhoun faces parental censure when a secret, romantic tryst results in scandal. Desperate to escape her father’s wrath, she flees Baltimore, seeking Richard’s protection.

Can Richard and Evelyn work past their differences, and a sinister threat from the past, to make a life with each other in Little Creede?

Pre-Order Link: https://tinyurl.com/uxdv2658

We’d like to express our everlasting thanks for the amazing readers who have followed along with Little Creede as it’s prospered, cheering on the heroes and heroines living, loving, and growing their families and legacies within mid-nineteenth century Colorado. And to all the new readers who choose to begin the series from Book 1: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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