Historical Western Spice, Anyone?

CiCi Cordelia (Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko) writes spicy Western Historical romance. Her latest series, BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE, pays special attention to the authenticity of late-nineteenth century silver mining in Colorado. This ongoing series catalogues the progress of a small but booming silver mining town and its surrounding growth amid the families who struggle, fail, and then succeed not only in mining the ore but finding love and thus improving their own lives.


Men and women, brave and resourceful enough to make a better life for themselves—and their loved ones—in the brand-new state of late-nineteenth-century Colorado.

During the height of Colorado Silver mining, fortunes could be found and lost in the blink of an eye. And those who sought to better themselves came from all over the country, looking to strike it big.

Many settled in and around Little Creede, Colorado, eking out a meager living along with mines that might never yield their silver bounties before all hope of discovery was lost.

Some went home, empty-handed and broken. Others succeeded beyond their wildest dreams . . .

A Family. A Legacy.

Spanning the years, from 1878 to approximately 1902, the nine-book series celebrated its fourth release, The Runaway Wife, in September 2020.

The overall series has been in the Top 100 American Historical and Historical Western sales rank internationally, and The Substitute Wife, Book 1, has remained in the Top 100 American Historical sales rank for several months. The first three books representing the initial Little Creede Trilogy have all been award winners.


The Substitute Wife, Book 1:

“Over the course of this story, we see the love story unfold, the patience of Harrison as he gives Retta time to trust, and Retta for her courage of agreeing to marry a man she never met. I felt like I was sitting in a rocking chair in front of a general store, watching it all unfold . . . Historical western lovers will enjoy this one.”  Cyrene Olson, Uncaged Magazine

“The novel embodies love, duty and American history. Fans of historical romances are in for a night of binge reading. Set in the new state of Colorado, we have two people destined for love and are given the opportunity for happiness — even if they don’t know what to do with it. Talk about irresistible! . . .” India Caedmon, RT Book Reviews

The Dance Hall Wife, Book 2:

“I really love the writing of this pair of authors – and the way the words flow seamlessly, never knowing where one author ends and the other begins. I feel as if they are writing with the same muse…  I’m looking forward to more from Little Creede.” Cyrene Olson, Uncaged Magazine

“…The writing is excellent, and I really felt I was there. I hurt along with Cat when she hurt. Kudos to the author, because I was really engrossed in the story… so much I stayed up way too late reading it!…” Rose, Long and Short Reviews

The Innocent Wife, Book 3:

“This is a fantastic addition to this series, the danger keeps you turning the pages, and the characters almost leap from the pages. It’s not too often that I can see a story playing out in my mind as I read along as this did. Highly recommended.” Cyrene Olson, Uncaged Magazine

“This novel is filled with lust, danger, and love, which is pretty much the definition of the Wild West. The detail in this story will make readers feel as if they are walking around this boom town. Joshua and Vivien are delightful . . . Wild West fans will adore this sweet and spicy historical fiction!” Amanda Hupe, InD’tale Magazine

The Runaway Wife, Book 4:

“The Runaway Wife hooks from the start, with a story that easily pulls you in and has you desperate to see how the pieces come together. Things progress at a pace that has you unable to put the book down, constantly turning the pages to see what happens next. The romance between the characters develops at a great pace, but it was the drama surrounding our heroine that had me truly addicted to the story.” Goodreads

“CiCi Cordelia’s Brides of Little Creede have made me a fan of western romance. The Runaway Wife, the fourth book in the series, raises the love quotient to the I-have-to-go-to-sleep-but-I-can’t-put-this-book-down level. Cici Cordelia’s books check all the must have boxes for me: Great story, characters I can fall in love with, passion, romance, and acts of gallantry. She pulls out the stops and ramps up the tension in this one. I had to keep turning the page.” Goodreads


Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y4l95z4b 

Stay tuned for more Little Creede releases in 2021!

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